Caregiver Information

You Are Their Rock

Regardless of where he or she is in the treatment course, your loved one with ALK+ lung cancer may need to rely on you for support, help, and sometimes guidance.

Your loved one needs to make a lot of hard decisions and having someone to talk with can be a huge help. ALK+ lung cancer is a complicated disease. But don’t worry, this page was created to give you some resources that can help you navigate the treatment landscape.

Ways You Can Help Your Loved One

  • Assist them with daily activities (such as going to the doctor and making meals)
  • Research and keep learning about ALK+ lung cancer
  • Support them through important medical decisions
  • Keep spreading the good vibes
  • Send interesting articles their way
  • Give them privacy and space if they need it

"I wanted to know what was going to happen: what was the treatment going to be, when can we get it done, how will it impact our plans? Should we cancel our vacation?"

Caregiver of patient with ALK+ NSCLC

It is important to prioritize yourself as well. If you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of others.

Adjusting to Your New Role

You have been in a routine with your loved one and now that relationship is changing. Remember, you continue to be their rock. Being proactive in your new role will set up you and your loved one to keep moving forward. It may not be easy and having the support of others will be just as important for you in your role as Caregiver.

  • Join a community group. You can meet other Caregivers to share ideas and insights with
  • Keep learning about ALK+ lung cancer. Your confidence will comfort your loved one about their journey

The following organizations offer information and tips specifically for Caregivers:


As your loved one battles ALK+ lung cancer and treatment changes, try to stay positive and flexible.

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